Plastics Blending

transparent plastic resinPOLY USA supports manufacturers with the efficient blending of material ingredients in pre-defined proportions that are then mixed to prepare them for producing plastic parts and products or as a pre-blend before extrusion to achieve a homogenous plastic batch.

By blending plastic resins at our plant, we can form the material recipes you need for your products or parts. Our plastics blending equipment can meter your materials (“dose” them) by either weight or quantity as well. Our plastics blending and dosing accommodates 28,000 pounds of material per batch.

Some of POLY USA’s most common blending and dosing applications include coloring, stabilization of materials and consumption of regrinds. Our plastics blending equipment is further designed for pre-mixing additives (aides or stabilizers) that help resist factors such as light, heat and chemicals that may affect finished products.

Additives for your blended material might include fibers, fillers, colorants, lubricants, UV stabilizers and flame retardants.

Blending becomes a notable asset to your production because it typically is less expensive than purchasing pre-mixed material from a supplier. Through the precise mixing of your materials, we help reduce your inventories to only the raw materials you need for processing with no disruption to it.

Plastics Blending: Efficient Solutions

POLY USA’s custom plastics blending services allow for large batch blends with melt flow or impact modifiers. While standard blends are available should you need them, we know that each application has its own requirements involving its own properties. Our plastics blending equipment properly blends colors and additives to the specifications you set.

You can request your plastic blends from a wide range of materials, such as ABS, HDPE, LDPE, HIPS, GPPS, polypropylene, polycarbonate and alloys.

Our internal testing and inspection of your blend ensures it meets our highest standards for product purity, accuracy and consistency.

Plastics Blending: Desired Outcomes

POLY USA plastics blending includes the strategies, resources and capabilities that save time, reduce labor costs, conserve more materials and additives, decrease scrap and waste, and lower excess inventory – all while you gain greater control over a more-consistent process.

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