Toll Compounding

toll compoundingPOLY USA specializes in toll compounding, which is the outsourcing of the extrusion processing and design of raw materials for different manufacturers. Through our resources and relationships, our toll compounding services assist our customers in reducing their costs while satisfying quality standards in their custom manufacturing.

Our extensive knowledge and experience with custom compounds make us more than a material asset to your production: We are also your strategic consultants. POLY USA provides you with the skill, contacts and processing capabilities to acquire the plastic material you need even under challenging circumstances.

As your toll compounding partner, we become a vital extension of your mission – POLY USA toll compounding is like having your own compounding service in-house. We can work with a wide range of plastics such as ABS, PC, HIPS, PP and GPPS, in addition to polyolefin and other engineering resins.

Just a few of our services include:

  • high specific gravity compounds
  • shear sensitive applications
  • thermally sensitive processes
  • impact modifiers to improve shock and crack resistance
  • additives and concentrates for tailor-made recipes

POLY USA Toll Compounding: Business-Building Benefits

With POLY USA toll compounding, your business can:

increase manufacturing capacity without extra costs. You need only supply us with your raw material and specify the design you require – we’ll take care of the rest. Our service also removes the need for you to install more equipment at your plant.

grow the product line with specialty compounds. Use the specialty compounds offered through POLY USA’s toll compounding to enhance your products’ physical properties.

provide superior customer service. As you know, deadlines and time requirements matter, especially for large orders. Our goal is always to look good for you by making sure you look good for the customers you serve.

develop your own distinctive formula. If you are creating a custom or experimental formula, POLY USA toll compounding ensures that you satisfy industry standards for it as well as also meet ratios for purity and specific compounds.

create any batch size, including small ones. If market demand for your product is rising, you need a compound company that can deliver bigger quantities. With POLY USA toll compounding, you can also produce small batches for beta or promotional purposes. This becomes valuable when you want to measure the market’s response to a new product before you invest in it further.

add private labeling. If you are branding your specialty compound, you don’t have to worry about labeling it, because we can do it for you. We can add brand labels to large and small orders alike (as well as anything in between).

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We are your compounding company when you need a manufacturing ally that can think smart and move quickly. For more information about how our toll compounding can enhance your operations, please call us at (630) 947-7900 for a quote and a lead time.

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